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Services best suited to

serve those:


  • With Anxiety or Depression

  • In the Midst                 of Major Transitions

  • Experiencing Grief   Loss and Bereavement

  • Having Addictions or Needing Support in Recovery

  • Experiencing a         Sense of Spiritual Disconnection             or Dis-ease 


Life is a great Kaleidoscope of moving pictures. Within each of our stories comes a time for great triumph and in others, great pain. While there is hardly a person on earth who enjoys the discomfort of life’s darker days, it is precisely these moments that can give birth to deep healing, a new freedom, true and everlasting joy. Whether we have experienced a sudden loss, an unexpected crisis, or have an ongoing sense of dissatisfaction, the uneasiness of the time is the expression of a certain disconnection, an emptiness, and a yearning to become more whole.


You don’t have to do it alone.


As a human being, I understand this pain well. I have been blessed with the experiences of a great number of struggles and have been so grateful for avenues that have supported personal growth.


As a licensed psychotherapist, my knowledge affords me the ability to provide scientifically validated solutions to many of life’s most troubling concerns.


As an artist and an educated art therapist, my experience allows me the opportunity to engage clients in creative activities that foster insight and provide basic emotional relief.


As a seeker, my intuitive understanding helps to guide, give, and to receive the freedom that comes when we are truly connected to the peace and wisdom of our deepest most spiritual selves.


Take a Walk with Me


I have joined hundreds in their journey as they have walked in their darkest days. If you feel drawn to the philosophies of my therapeutic work and you think I might be of some service to you in this time of transition, I would be honored with the opportunity to speak with you further. You can call or email me for a free confidential consultation at 619-453-9693  x

If you are certain that you would like to just jump right in and get the process started towards healing your whole self, just click on the schedule a session button below

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