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a New You

Tired of traditional types of self-help that only takes you so far? Take a dive into the deepest levels of your mind, body, and spirit for a transformational discovery of a lasting power and wisdom within.


B. Andrea Vielma, MA LMFT

Licensed Therapist & Clinical Supervisor

Serving Clients in:

Oregon, California, Colorado & Utah

Counseling Adults & Adolescents through:


clinical-fellow (1).png
  • Healing Traumas

  • Uncertainty or Major Life Transitions

  • Major Stresses or Overwhelm

  • Sustaining Recovery Through Addictions

  • Maintaining Motivation for Change
  • Coping with Anxiety

  • Dealing with Depression

  • Processing Grief & Loss

  • Developing Self-Esteem or Sense of Self

  • Transpersonal/Spiritual Growth

Life is but a dream... a tapestry... a great Kaleidoscope of moving pictures that can bring times of great happiness or deep pain. Each of our stories represents a kind of Hero's Journey... where we are challenged to find the strength to persevere against the darkest forces on the inside and outside world. 

You may have experienced a momentary unexpected crisis... or have a gnawing sense of frustration or dissatisfaction with things in your life. You may be at a loss and feeling trapped, unsure of which step to take next. While no one enjoys the discomfort of these darker days, it is precisely these moments that give birth to deeper healing

....a new freedom, and a new you.


You don’t have to do it alone.


As a human being, I understand the painful journey well. I have been blessed by countless struggles and so grateful for the unique avenues of healing I've taken and bring to you, that have supported deep personal growth.


As a licensed psychotherapist, my knowledge and experience affords me the ability to provide insight through any number of empirically validated solutions, and interventions designed to get you through life’s most troubling concerns.

As an artist with a background in art therapy, I often apply a constant flow of creativity, often engaging clients in various activities that seek to inspire, foster insight, or provide emotional relief.


As a lifelong seeker, intuit, and yogini, I come equipped with a deep intuitive understanding that is here to guide you to your own wellspring of freedom that comes when we are truly connected to the source of wisdom within ourselves.


Take a Walk with Me


I have joined hundreds in their journey as they have walked through their darkest days. If you have an inkling or an intuitive draw that I might be of some service to you in this time of pain and possible transformation, I would be honored to talk. 

You can call or email me for a free confidential consultation or click the link below to send me a message and set up a time to discuss. 

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